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Abas POlybank – banknote handling made easy.


australian owned. Made from recycled materials. compact & easy to use.

currency bands


Our currency bands are made from 100% recyclable paper.

australian made and owned

australian made and owned

Based in Sydney, NSW, we are proud to be fully Australian-made & owned.

compact and easy-to-use

compact and easy-to-use

Sleek and compact, our banknote bands are easy to use and easy to store.

Are you a business owner or cash handler looking to make life that little bit easier? Let’s be honest…when handling large quantities of money, any way to make things more organised counts. 

Are your tills full of crumpled and unorganised cash? 

Elastic bands keep breaking or damaging your bank notes?

ABAS POLYBANK has the solution for you…

currency band manufacturer

step 1

Grab your bank notes and organise them into neat stacks of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. 

banknote bands

step 2

Organise your bank notes into multiples of ten (Flats) or into multiples of one hundred (Sections).

step 2

Organise your bank notes into multiples of ten (Flats) or into multiples of one hundred (Sections).

paper currency bands
currency bands Australia

step 3

Squeeze & slide the banknote through the ABAS POLYBANK Flat or Section currency bands.


Address: PO Box 55 Lane Cove NSW 1595.

Mobile: 0418 411 250


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Polymer Banknote Handling Systems for Banks & Businesses

Being organised is paramount when it comes to handling large quantities of money. Yet, many bank tellers and businesses still use elastic bands for cash.

Elastic bands can be problematic, as they are difficult to manage and can damage or even tear notes.

ABAS Polybank provide a cost-effective, efficient and accessible solution for businesses, banks and individuals around Sydney who are looking for a better way to handle currency. 

Conventional money handling (rubber bands) are non-biodegradable, imported, messy and bulky and can damage banknotes. 

As a manufacturer and supplier of Polybank paper bands, we offer paper currency bands in two varieties. Flats, which hold up to 10 banknotes, and Sections, which hold up to 100 notes.

Say goodbye to loose-fitting rubber bands which damage notes and say hello to tidy banknotes today with ABAS Polybank.